Product categories
Pump series reduction gear
WJ series of gear-worm gear re
SPT series of ring-cone disc r
UD series of planetary cone-di
G800 Series of planetary gear
C series of gear reducer
CJ series of gear reducer
ZH series of ring-cone disc re
R series of gear reducer
W/WS series of gear-worm gear
WJL of worm gear reducer
B.X series of cycloid reducer
About Us

        Ningbo Zhenhai Reducer & Varator Manufacturing Co., committed to developing and producing reducers,variators and other transmission products.
        Ninbo Zhenhai Reducer & Variator Manufacturing Co.,LTD.vas established in 2002.Most of its staffs are specialists on the nation have been employed by the Company.Relying on its cooperation with institutions and universities,the Company emphasizes on the development and advance of technology. It carries out ISO9000 Quality System to control the quality of products. The Company has been developed rapidly due to its strict implementation of technology standard as well as perfect service.It is derector of Transmissions institution of Chinese Mechanical Engieering Society and member of Heaver Elemental Parts Branch of China Heavy Machinery indurstry Association,China Reducer & Variator Association and National Gear Standardization Technical Committee.The main products of the Company include:SPT series and ZH series of ring-cone disc reducer & variator; C series, CJ series and R series of gear reducer; W series and WS seried of gear-worm gear reducer; WJL series and WJ series of worm gear reducer;B series, X series and WB series of cycloid reducer. ZH series and CJ series were developed initially by the Company.Corporate spirite: Self-respect,Self-confidence,Self-improvement,Self-independenceCorporate principle: Providing reliable mechanical transmission products and outstanding service to meet customers'demands.Corporate value: We are devoted ro the development and innovation of transmission products so as to realize social value and self-value.

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