Product categories
Pump series reduction gear
WJ series of gear-worm gear re
SPT series of ring-cone disc r
UD series of planetary cone-di
G800 Series of planetary gear
C series of gear reducer
CJ series of gear reducer
ZH series of ring-cone disc re
R series of gear reducer
W/WS series of gear-worm gear
WJL of worm gear reducer
B.X series of cycloid reducer

Grasp Opportunity, Improve Developing Capability



Contemporary society, the new technology developed rapidly, it is less time-consuming to transfer new scientific and technological achievements into industry applications. The science and technology, as the first productive force, have more important impact on enterprises’ development.
In these years,
Under the traction of Zhenhai technology department, we cooperate with Ningbo University, Ningbo institute of Technology, Harbin institute of Technology, and China weapon institute. That helped the improvement of our products.

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